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Specifications :

Material:          MDF, Teak wood, and PU paint

                       and Brass 

Dimensions:       16' x 5'6"

Vanquisher 3

In a desperate bid to witness the divine union of Shiva and Parvati, the gods devised a plan and sent Kama, the God of lust, to influence Adi Yogi's heart. Eagerly, Kama attempted to ignite the fire of desire within Shiva, hoping to pave the way for their sacred union.

Yet, as Kama's arrows pierced the depths of Shiva's being, a remarkable turn of events unfolded. Shiva, the eternally wise and transcendent deity, responded by unlocking the immense power of his third eye. In an instant, a fiery blaze erupted, reducing Kama to mere ashes, leaving all who witnessed this extraordinary act awestruck and bewildered.

This profound occurrence served as a testament to Shiva's supreme detachment and unwavering focus on the higher realms of consciousness. It showcased his ability to rise above the enticements of worldly desires, for his union with Parvati transcended mere physicality and embraced the profound unity of souls.

In this remarkable tale, we find an embodiment of Shiva's eternal truth—the ability to remain unaffected by the fleeting allurements of lust and instead channel his energy towards the pursuit of higher virtues and spiritual enlightenment.

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