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SETTLING EYE (pe 1).png

Specifications :

Material: Rosso Alicante marble, MDF with PU finish, Walnut Finish wood, brass pipes

Dimensions:    3' 6'' x 3' 6'' x 4" 

Introducing "Settling Eye," a captivating wall piece that gracefully oversees the space, much like a vigilant coast guard. This artful creation effortlessly captures attention and engages viewers with its unique charm. Drawing inspiration from the Yin-Yang symbol, it strikes a delicate balance between contrasting elements.

The mesmerizing brass element takes center stage, commanding focus and inviting contemplation. As the eye explores the surrounding space, it momentarily pauses, captivated by this striking focal point. "Settling Eye" adds a touch of intrigue and intrigue to any environment, captivating both the casual observer and the discerning connoisseur.

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