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The ideation process behind this remarkable space was fueled by a crystal-clear vision. We sought to create a design that would showcase a striking contrast between the horizontal and vertical surfaces, each possessing a distinct and captivating charm. The space was meticulously designed in layers, rich with intricate detailing that captivates the eye.

The ceiling design became a work of art in itself, executed with impeccable craftsmanship and minute details. The intention was to draw attention to a space often overlooked in interiors, making it a captivating element that demands admiration.

The concept of fluidity and organic nature permeates throughout every aspect of the design. From the center table sculptures to the art pieces, each element echoes the essence of natural beauty, bringing a sense of harmony and life to the space.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-07 at 12.43.39.jpg
E_MKGS_HR-13 (1).jpg
E_MKGS_HR-11 (1).jpg
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